The Decals

Most of the products you’ll see on Rust is Gold Co. are reproductions of AMF|Harley-Davidson® motorcycles gas tank decals. The AMF era goes from 1969 to 1981.

Every possible care has been taken to make them look like they just left the factory.

  • They’re carefully redrawn from NOS decals. It guarantees an accurate reproduction with regard to shape, size and color.
  • 3M-like vinyl has been used just like it was done by AMF back in the days.

Rust is Gold in a few words

I’m Thib, Belgian, early 40’s, and this is my solo project.

I collect and restore mostly pre-1980 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I also hoard anything related to this brand: apparel, NOS parts, literature and as much bikes as possible.

I jumped into the HD sticker game a few years back. My 1975 Ironhead Sportster needed the correct factory decals. The motor company had stopped selling any of these a long time ago and decent made repops couldn’t be found online.

Here we are now, the ‘catalog’ has extended to more years and models and is still growing.


Every single product listed on this store is in stock and ready to ship from our workshop in Belgium.

Registered Mail shipments ship twice a week and are usually delivered within 10 days in Europe and North America, 10-30 days anywhere else. Free for orders over 130$!

UPS Express shipments are picked up every weekday and are usually delivered within 2 days in North America, 4-5 days anywhere else.