1977 Sportster / SuperGlide Confederate Edition

This is a full set of reproduction decals for “Confederate Edition”
1977 AMF|Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportsters
1977 Shovelheads FX (all models except FXS)

The set includes the name transfers and flags for a full tank as well as the front fender decal

The “flags” can be used on 1977 Shovelhead FLH

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Harley-Davidson® Part Number(s):
2 x61136-77Name Transfer
2 x61745-77Name Transfer, "AMF"
1 x61651-77Left Side
1 x61650-77Right Side
1 x59100-77Decal, Front Fender

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Every possible care has been taken to make them look like they just left the factory.

  • They're carefully redrawn from NOS decals. It guarantees an accurate reproduction with regard to shape, size and color.
  • 3M-like vinyl has been used just like it was done by AMF back in the days.
  • To top it off these decals are protected against scratches and UV's by a laminate for a finished product of 140μ (this is about 5.5 thou)

  1. Cut each single decal if your design comes as a combined sheet.
  2. Mock them up using masking tape. Measure the correct placement.
  3. Degrease the tank.
  4. Remove the backing paper off the first decal and place it.
  5. Chase the bubbles if any using a credit card. Work from center to the edges. Do it while the application clear vinyl is still on!
  6. Peal off the the application vinyl.
  7. Go back to #4 one decal at a time, repeat
  8. You're done!
  9. For the best longevity I recommend to clearcoat over the decals. Acrylic lacquers only since solvant based products might dissolve the glue.

This is a dry application only! Don't use water or soapy water.

Parts for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles.
Reproduction decals 100% redrawn and produced in Belgium.